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Wayne Holsclaw has had a love of hot rods his entire life (all 81 years).

As a teenager, he built model car hot rods and made modifications to the kits — suicide doors before those were available on kits, custom upholstered seats and consoles — anything to make his model cars one-of-a-kind.

Over the years, Wayne forgot about his love of model cars and put his meticulous talent to build and craft things to work in a high-end custom workroom where movie-set designers would bring their unique designs to him knowing he could find a way to bring their ideas to reality. His creations can be seen in many of the most well-known shows and movies like The Hunger Games, Dumb and Dumber 2, Ant-Man, Devious Maids, and several of Tyler Perry’s shows.

Around Christmas 2018, Wayne’s youngest of 3 granddaughters wanted to get him a model car of one of his favorite cars that he had ever owned — a 1969 Chevelle. She got him a model kit for Christmas. His obsession with the model car hobby took hold once again.

In late 2021, Wayne wanted to create a 41′ Ford Sedan to duplicate his brother, Gary’s, real 41′ Ford sedan as a gift. When no kits were available for this model, he ordered a ’40 Ford Sedan and reshaped the front end. When he got to the trunk of the car, Gary, a retired auto body shop owner complete with his own louver machine, asked what Wayne was he going to do about replicating the over 200 louvers he had punched in his trunk. This question set Wayne’s wheels in motion trying to find a way to punch louvers in the 1:25 scale trunk. From that moment, Wayne realized other model car hobbyists might love to have louvers in their model cars.

Today, Louverit offers 13 different louver panels that the model car enthusiast can cut to fit their model cars to create the most authentic replication of our most beloved cars – everything from hoods, trunks, tailgates, and inner panels.

Check out the Gallery for more examples of cars with louvers along with guidance on which panels to purchase for your model car kit. 

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